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Webinar: Outlook 2021

Watch our Feb 4, 2021, webinar featuring David Baskin, Chair of RPB's Investment Committee, and Chris Levell, a partner at NEPC, our investment advisory firm. You'll also learn about how RPB's Plan performed in 2020.

Featured Guests:

David Baskin, Chair of RPB's Investment Committee and President and Founder of Baskin Wealth Management (BWM). He appears frequently on national television and radio as a commentator on the markets and is frequently quoted in the press. BWM has over $1 billion in assets under management and about 500 client families.

Chris Levelle, Partner at NEPC, RPB's external investment advisory firm. His consulting career began in 1987, and he joined NEPC in 2005. He
currently is a Partner in Asset Allocation Research, working with the Asset Allocation team on strategic topics applicable to many clients, as well as one-time special projects.

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